Wow, long thread started just from an attempt to define the words we
were talking about. :)

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 10:04, Martin Aspeli <> wrote:
> I'll say again, though: Gary's version of the story ("the Zope 3
> community has become focused on supporting other app servers and
> frameworks, and is renaming the software stack that serves that purpose
> to the Zope Toolkit" reads pretty well to me).

Yes. But the problem with it is that it isn't very true. The question
then becomes if it's true enough to be a help or a hindrance in
clearing up misconceptions. One problem with it is that it forces the
hand of the people who want to continue to support Zope 3 (in sense 1
2 and 3), since they then *must* rename Zope 3 to something else. And
if this happens, then we have the story that Zope 3 was renamed the
Zope Toolkit, while in fact it was renamed to something else.

A more truthful story is that Zope Toolkit is a base for writing
frameworks, and that one of those frameworks was Zope 3, now renamed
to <something cool>. But the support in this thread for the previous
story makes me wonder if we shouldn't push that, slightly more
incorrect story, anyway. People seem to understand it. It's in this
situation possible that it's better with a false story that people
understand than a correct story that just adds to the confusion.

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