Lennart Regebro schrieb:
> On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 14:47, Carsten Senger <sen...@rehfisch.de> wrote:
>> Pushing this message inside the zope community is perfect. But I don't
>> see a need to communicate to outsiders that Zope 3 has become the Zope
>> Toolkit. This will be confusing to outsiders. They don't have to think
>> about what Zope 3 is/was. As the discussions showed even participants of
>> the zope developers mailing list have slightly different views on Zope3.
> Now *I* am confused. I thought the idea was ti push it to outsiders.
> Pushing it inside the Zope community would contradict what actually is
> happening, and the community have the ability to understand what is
> happening, so coming with a contra-factual story within the community
> would be very confusing, I think.

It's my opinion that we should not communicate to outsiders that Zope 3 
has become the Zope Toolkit. I'm for simplifying it even more and tell 
that the focus of the Zope Community it the Zope Toolkit.

It would be complicated cause we still have Zope 3 the application 
server. We have to describe there why it still exists (to outsiders) and 
how to get it now for the people that need it in their existing 
applications. Or we have to tell the insiders that we now have 
ZopeAppServerKGSwhatever, something that they have known as Zope 3. But 
it's not Zope 3 anymore cause that's now the Zope Toolkit.

Communicating that we have to offer the Zope Toolkit with it's features 
is easier and less confusing to outsiders than mentioning Zope 3.

But I didn't want to start a new naming discussion :-(.



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