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Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> On Apr 17, 2009, at 11:49 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>> Simon Michael wrote:
>>>> -1, Gary's is clearer.
>>> I think what is clear or not is very subjective. I think that at least
>>> is clear.
>> I think it is clear that you are disregarding many people's opinions.
> Okay, I'll come back with a bit more rational response than my first one.
> Could you also tell me how I'm disregarding people's opinions in this 
> thread? Examples?
> Or do you think stating my own opinions and concerns, while I'm clearly 
>   (explicitly mentioned) thinking this topic through, is tantamount to 
> disregarding other people's opinions?
> Do you really think I'm in this discussion with people just to disregard 
> their opinions?
> I'm trying to consider the impact of changing a well-known well-used 
> name that carries certain expectations (different ones for different 
> people!) to something else that was set up explicitly to have different 
> expectations, namely the Zope Toolkit.
> The Zope Toolkit concept was explicitly designed to *separate* those 
> expectations from the (vague but broad) expectations surrounding Zope 3. 
> I spent quite a bit of time trying to work that out. Now we're a few 
> weeks later. It is proposed instead we rename what we called Zope 3 to 
> "Zope Toolkit" and tell everybody that the expectations changed. I've 
> expressed clearly that's an interesting approach and also clearly that I 
> have some concerns.

I am -1 on pushing a "Zope3 is now the Zope Toolkit" message:  I would
rather that we *not bring up Zope3 in public again*, while still
enabling those who have built apps atop the un-brand to maintain them.
If somebody asks, "Hey, what happened to Zope3?", we can explain briefly
that the core of it is now ZTK, and that the other bits have a life of
their own, but *without the un-brand*.

To this end, I think we sholud remove all traces of the un-brand from
prominent places on our websites, try to stay "on message" as a
community, while re-focusing on the technical aspects of the transition
(rather than the branding / perception ones).

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