Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Why are *any* adapters I've wired up being used here?
>> (I haven't wired up anything for webdav, only normal views and the like 
>> I want used for http)
> I'm sorry if I seemed to imply a bug in your application:  I meant to
> point out that the *publisher* was finding the wrong published object
> (one apprpirate to an IBrowserRequest), while some bits (path traversal
> within the template) were finding the WebDAV-y bits.
> Where the bug lies (in Zope or in your app) is not apparent from the
> information you originally posted.

Given that I haven't done *anything* to configure anything for webdav 
(other than specify a source port in zope.conf), I think it's a 
reasonable expectation that what used to happen should keep on happening 
in the same way. As to why that isn't the case, I'm afraid I have no idea.

Any ideas on debugging would mean I might be able to help get this bug 


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