On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 15:02, Jonathan (dev101) <dev...@magma.ca> wrote:
> How about starting with "Zope 3 Toolkit" and then moving to "Zope Toolkit"
> after a year or so.

It's quite clear that nobody outside the community knows what Zope 3
is, and withing the community everybody disagrees on what Zope 3 is.
The Zope Toolkit is not Zope 3. I do not see any purpose in blurring
the lines between the Zope Toolkit and Zope 3, as that will only mean
that nobody will know what the Zope Toolkit is either. That is not

> - there would be no sudden disappearance of "Zope 3", eliminating the idea
> that  the "Zope 3" concept is an evolutionary dead-end

The only sudden disappearance of Zope 3 will be if nobody maintains
it. By now it's clear that it will be maintained, hence it will not
suddenly disappear. This is therefore a non-issue.

> - it would use the "Zope 3" brand to introduce the concept of  the "Toolkit"

Zope 3 is an unbrand. It would not introduce it, it would scare people away.

> This approach is used in the retail industry whenever a brand is being
> repositioned and the brand owner wants to move as many "customers" as
> possible to the new brand.

Zope Toolkit is not a rebranding of Zope 3.

> It retains the value/goodwill associated with the
> old brand while building value/goodwill for the new brand.

This assumes there is goodwill to move over.

I'm getting really tired of this discussion, and also that nobody
comment either positively or negatively on what I write, but just
seems to ignore it, which is frustrating, as it makes me think I'm
completely right but nobody gets it. ;-) I therefore will go with
Martijns suggestion of letting the issue rest for a couple of months.
I will then buy him and the rest of the Foundation Board drinks until
they do what I say and make a pronunciation on the naming issue
according to my suggestions. :-D

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