On 2009-04-24, Roger Ineichen <d...@projekt01.ch> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> Ran 367 tests with 50 failures and 1 errors in 8 minutes 14.891 seconds.
> The latest trunk of zc.buildout is completly broken.
> At least on windows. Can someone check this on linux?

I have 9 failures and 1 error on OSX. Most of them have to do with there not
being a setuptools egg, but a setuptools develop egg, for example: 

File "/Users/reinout/svn/zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/unzip.txt", line 18, in 
Failed example:
    -  demo-0.4c1-pyN.N.egg
    -  demoneeded-1.2c1-pyN.N.egg
    -  zc.buildout.egg-link
    -  demo-0.4c1-pyN.N.egg
    -  demoneeded-1.2c1-pyN.N.egg
    -  setuptools.egg-link
    -  zc.buildout.egg-link

I got some other warnings too:

RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module zlib: This Python has
API version 1012, module zlib has version 1013.

I'm running the tests with python2.5, so a python2.4 error looks weird to
me. Does zc.buildout test itself with multiple python versions?


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