Dear list,

While inserting data into one of the oracle table's CLOB column using 
zsql via python script, we observed that zope process (running in debug 
mode) is getting terminated/killed if length of text data >= 4094 with 
message on command prompt

Input string too long, limit 4096

Whereas  for text data with length >=4001 and <=4093 - It throws 
following error
OperationalError on <Products.mxODBCZopeDA.ZopeDA.DatabaseConnection 
"DSN=test_clob_oracle" thread 3672/3672 at 0x3ac3530>: ('HY000', 1704, 
'[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01704: string literal too long\n', 6113)

python script details:
print context.clob_zsql_test(i_description='A'*4095).
return printed

zsql details -
INSERT INTO CLOB_TEST(description) VALUES(<dtml-sqlvar i_description 

Table/column details :
id - number
description - clob

Where as if we use mxODBCZopeDA execute API with following insert query 
string_value = 'A'*5000
query = """ INSERT INTO CLOB_TEST(document) VALUES(?) """
result = test_connection.execute(query, string_value)

it works fine even with text data having length > 10000

After googling on the same found that execute method uses/support 
parameters binding (is it similar to oracle bind varibles ? thats may be 
reason why it works well). Do we have similar support for zsql or is 
there other workaround ?

Configuration/other details are as follows :

RDBMS : Oracle Database 10g Release
ODBC used : Oracle ODBC which shipped with Oracle-Client-10g
Python adapter : mxODBC Python ODBC Interface - 2.1
Related Zope Product : mxODBCZopeDA-1.0.10

Zope : Zope 2.11.1-final
Python : python 2.4.4
Operating system  : win32

ZEO setup : Yes
No of ZEO nodes : one
Threads per ZEO node : 10

Any kind of pointers/suggestions would be of great help.

Thanking you,
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