* Stephan Richter <srich...@cosmos.phy.tufts.edu> [2009-06-09 15:51]:
> On Tuesday 09 June 2009, Wolfgang Schnerring wrote:
>> To make browsers update their caches of resources immediately when the
>> resource changes, the absolute URLs of resources can now be made to
>> contain a hash of the resource's contents, so it will look like
>> /++noop++12345/@@/myresource instead of /@@/myresource.
> Mmmh, this looks like a lot of extra code to get behavior that is served 
> better with different tools. Have you looked at z3c.versionedresource and 
> z3c.traverser? Both of those should solve these type of use cases well.

Hmm, it looks like z3c.versionedresource requires me to use a
non-standard way to retrieve a resource's URL, which is a major
requirement for me; and I must confess I'm not sure how z3c.traverser
would help me implement this functionality.

I do feel that this incident touches upon a quite important point, and that
is the scope of the Zope Toolkit. As I understand it, the ZTK wants to
provide support for developing web applications. To do that, I think it
should provide solutions to common problems in that area. Browser caches
and CSS/JS-files IMHO is a common problem that is well within the scope
of the ZTK, and so we should have a ready-to-use solution there.

But sure, this functionality can be moved outside of zope.app.publisher,
since with r100748 Resource uses IAbsoluteURL, which can be customized
externally, so I'll back out the change for the time being.


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