* Sebastien Douche <sdou...@gmail.com> [2009-06-18 01:34]:
> This is a first attempt to build an Mercurial mirror :
> http://hg.zope.mirrors.securactive.org/

How did you convert the repository?

I'm asking because I noticed that basically all SVN->DVCS conversion
tools (hg convert, git-svn, bzr svn-import, svn2bzr, svn-fast-export.py,
svn-all-fast-export.cpp) do not convert the history properly, more
precisely, history that happened on branches is lost:

1. import /trunk/foo.txt
2. branch /trunk to /branches/mybranch
3. edit /mybranch/foo.txt
4. merge /mybranch to /trunk

If you now ask svn for the history of /trunk/foo.txt (say with 'svn
log'), you see both steps 3 and 4. After conversion to a DVCS with one
of the above mentioned tools, you only see step 4, while step 3 never
happened in the DVCS repository. I think that's unacceptable, most
importantly because all commit messages that happened on branches are
lost that way.

Does somebody here know something about this phenomenon, by any chance?
Am I missing something?


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