On Sun, 2009-07-05 at 11:14 +0200, Tobias Rodäbel wrote:
> Hi,
> On 05.07.2009, at 07:06, Lennart Regebro wrote:
> > 2009/7/5 Stephan Richter <srich...@cosmos.phy.tufts.edu>:
> >> To be honest, I am very disappointed by this list. It is totally  
> >> meaningless
> >> to me since it does not represent any list with which I can build  
> >> even a
> >> fairly simple application today. There is not a single z3c package  
> >> in there.
> >
> > As I understand it, ZTK is not meant to build applications on. It's
> > meant to build application servers on. ZTK is supposed to be tha base
> > on which we build things like Grok, Plone, and yes, Zope 3.
> I'd like to mention repoze.bfg here. It takes a fairly small set of  
> zope.* packages. What the ZTK is will be finally defined by the  
> included packages. From a user's (developing with ZTK) perspective,  
> I'd appreciate a small good documented well tested and stable set of  
> tools to build web applications on regardless of which server or which  
> db I want to use. Christian's list represents that very well, IMHO I'd  
> kick a few packages I don't use at all. And where is zope.catalog? BTW  
> z3c.* packages in the ZTK would baffle me a lot, OTOH renaming z3c  
> packages just to fit into the ZTK seems a bit unorthodox.

Good catch! The package `zope.catalog` was refactored out of
zope.app.catalog and wasn't in the 3.4 KGS that I used. Damn.

I need to rerun with the package list of 3.5dev ...


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