I'd like to push code and ZCML from Products.Five into the appropriate
places in Zope2.

For example event.zcml registering events for OFS items, should live
in the OFS package. i18n.zcml setting up stuff for the request or the
publisher should live in the ZPublisher package, security bridging
code for zope.security vs. AccessControl should go into AccessControl,
test setup and support code should live in Testing, ... startup code
and site.zcml handling should live in the Zope2.Startup package and so
on. There's probably some bridging code left in Five which has no real
place to go in Zope2. Like formlib wrapping / bridging code - I'd
leave this in Five for the time being until we get a clearer picture
of what is actually left in there.

Given our current deprecation policy, I'd leave indefinite backwards
compatibility imports in place and do the same for ZCML files. It
would be work targeted at the lucky numbered Zope 2.13 ;-)

Do people generally agree with this direction?


P.S. Maybe this would allow one day to remove the Five package again
from the main Zope2 distribution, ... maybe :)
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