I'm trying to use z3c.jsonrpc with Zope3.4 but I'm encountering problems
with imports that z3c.jsonrpc does from zope.publisher.

>From http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.0/versions.cfg I see that
zope.publisher for zope3.4 is 3.4.6 but the latest version
of zope.publisher from svn is 3.8.0.

>From reading the "Changes" section of
http://pypi.python.org/pypi/z3c.jsonrpc it seems like version 0.5.3 did
changes to cope with changes of zope.publisher newer versions (newer
then what comes with zope3.4).

I haven't tried but I imagine that if I downgrade z3c.jsonrpc to version
0.5.2 things might work but then some questions came into my mind as i'm
new to zope3 and buildout/eggs world.

1. Am I looking things in the wrong way or zope 3 components don't
necessary follow the stable release of zope3 but rather a zope component
version (in this case z3c.jsonrpc is following zope.publisher not

2. If 1 is true, I imagine that whenever I try a zope3 component It's a
trial and error adventure and it's not guaranteed that developer is
following zope3 versions.

3. If 2 is true, isn't there a better way to do things? :)

Appreciate some help 


Gustavo Matheus Rahal
IBM Linux Technology Center

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