On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 4:43 PM, Stephan
Richter<srich...@cosmos.phy.tufts.edu> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> last week I worked on getting the KGS trunk located in zope.release to pass
> without failures. (Python 2.5 on Linux, i686)

Thanks so much!

As we discussed on IRC, there are still some open issues we (not just
you :) need to work through:

1. Some of the tests don't pass any more. I think this is because you
added some packages after sending your note.

2. Some of the tests only pass if run separately, due to test
interactions. Presumably, this means that other tests aren't cleaning
up after themselves.  I think we need a standard automated way to run
each package's tests separately.  I think some folks are working on

3. zope.release tests more than I think it needs to.  This is OK if
everything passes, but that's not the situation we have.  Many of us
have an acute problem that we can't update our applications to current
package versions because it's hard ti find combinations that work
together.  We really need to solve this problem soon, even if it means
being less ambitious.

4. We need to get things running for multiple Python versions on
multiple platforms, including different Python versions, architectures
(32 vs 64 bit) and operating systems, especially linux and windows.
Some sort of testing bots would be helpful here.

> It is in the best interest of everyone to keep the trunk in a passing
> condition. So please try hard to do that. I am certainly very tired of
> spending many hours fixing those sorts of problems.

So this means that if someone modifies a package that is in the KGS,
they need to run the KGS tests before checking in.

> If someone could setup a buildbot to run all the tests nightly, that would be
> great.

Yes it would. :)


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