it is evident that there is no consensus on the list of packages that are
part of the Zope Toolkit. As Gary suggested me, it looks like the concept
of ZTK is different for each developer and it is more or less "the packages
I use and I care about".

We need a policy to define the ZTK in an explicit way, otherwise we will
never get a *real* ZTK KGS that can be used to build applications and the
whole concept of ZTK will always be fuzzy.

Christian prepared a list of packages which is available here:


I propose a (very) simple policy, which we can use to improve the current

 * a package is part of the ZTK if the following criteria are met:

   - It has at least N zope developers (with commit rights) who
     explicitly expressed interest in maintaining the package (because they
     use it in their projects, for example); N > 1, at least;

   - All its dependencies (excluding testing dependencies) are part of the

 * we have to ensure, using automated testing, that each package:

   - has no test failures;

   - does not introduce test failures in any of the other ZTK packages;

 * the ZTK KGS only includes the packages that are part of the ZTK; we will
   provide an extended KGS (which uses the ZTK KGS) with more packages if

I would like to add a new column to the table in the aforementioned page
listing the developers who are interested in maintaining the package.
Ideally, in a couple of weeks we will have a better overview of what does
the ZTK mean to each of us.

Ideas? Comments?

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