* 2009-08-06 19:30, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> We need to get a procedure in place to do compat tests of what's in that
> list, dependency graph guarding of what's in that list, and locking down
> a KGS for that list. I think that since we have a list doing all these
> things is only a matter of work - there's no fundamental questions we
> need answered before we can do this work. Once the base is there we can 
> expand on it.

I'm working to improve the KGS for the Zope Toolkit with automated testing and
explicit policies. For example, I set up a buildbot instance here:              
For a subset of the KGS, it runs the tests for the current trunk as well as
the tests for each of of the most recent released packages from the KGS.
The idea is that we can be sure that the current trunk of a given package
does not introduce test failures in any package in the KGS.                     
The buildbot uses z3c.recipe.kgs (which is a mock-up you can download from
svn.zope.org and not yet uploaded to pypi) and the KGS as defined here:         
Everything seems to work pretty well, and I'm down to three-four failures       
for my subset.

> I think what we need is a policy for adding packages into this list, and 
> retiring packages from the list.

Yep, this was my original question: I just need a list of packages to submit to
my buildbot instance. :)

I still think that starting from a very small list, allowing zope committers to
add packages making an explicit commitment to maintain them would give us a
better overview of what does "ZTK" mean for each of us.

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