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> * Jim Fulton <j...@zope.com> [2009-08-07 06:01]:
>> How to do you specify the projects to be tested?  Does every project
>> in versions get tested? If so, how do you specify versions for
>> projects that you don't want to run tests for but do want to fix the
>> version of.
> With z3c.recipe.compattest, to build the list of projects to run tests
> for you can at the moment:
> - specify project names to include
> - specify buildout section names whose keys will be included
> (and it defaults to the [versions] section for ease of use)
> - specify regexes to remove entries from the included list
> So if your [versions] section contains projects you don't want to run
> tests for, I guess you either need to exclude those explicitly, or not
> feed this section to compattest in the first place and build up the
> include list in a different way instead.
> Could you elaborate what use case you are envisioning here?

Yes, although I'll note that this was discussed here just yesterday.

We have a set of projects we want to run tests for.  We want the tests
to be as reproducible as possible, so we want to control what can
cause changes in test outcome, and so that we have a "working
configuration" that applications using the projects can use as a
starting point.  For this reason, we specify the versions of all
projects we test *and*  all projects those projects depend on.  We may
not test all of the dependencies for various reasons, but we still
want to fix the versions of the dependencies.


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