2009/7/8 Fabio Tranchitella <kob...@kobold.it>:
> Hello,
> I'm sorry if I am flooding the list with all my requests/messages, but I
> don't want to introduce changes without approval of more experienced zope
> developers.
> I was analyzing zope.app.publisher, and I found that it would be possible
> to remove its dependency on zope.container because the latter is only used
> in zope/app/publisher/xmlrpc/configure.zcml to declare thee views like
> this:
>  <view
>      for="zope.container.interfaces.IItemContainer"
>      type="zope.publisher.interfaces.xmlrpc.IXMLRPCRequest"
>      provides="zope.publisher.interfaces.xmlrpc.IXMLRPCPublisher"
>      factory="zope.container.traversal.ItemTraverser"
>      permission="zope.Public"
>      />
> I think these snippets should me moved to zope.container's configure.zcml,
> where we already have other traversers.
> Do you agree with this change?

Nope. (well, maybe in the long term) :)

For now, make these registrations conditional on the installation of
zope.container and then get rid of the dependency.  See the other note
I sent earlier today on optional dependencies.  You'll also need to
sort out the test dependency in browser/test_directoryresource. I
expect that that dependency is spurious.


Jim Fulton
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