I'm trying to get the ZTK KGS tests working with Python 2.6.  The
tests generate lots of deprecation warnings in part because lots of
packages use zope.app.zcmlfiles and zope.app.zcmlfiles includes
globalmodules.zcml in zope.app.security and globalmodules.zcml causes
lots of standard modules to get imported, including mhlib, which is
deprecated in Python 2.6. Whew. :)

I know we want to stop using zope.app.zcmlfiles.  This make take a
while.  Too big a job for right now.

We should stop using globalmodules.zcml.  It's too expensive, too
scary, and causing this deprecation warning. If I just delete it's
contents, no ztk tests break. :/  I see 3 options, from lowest to
highest (but maybe still low) risk:

A. Suck it up and live with the deprecation warnings until we get rid
of zope.app.zcmlfiles
B. Remove the security declaration for mhlib from globalmodules.zcml.
Is anyone actually building web applications that publish MH mail
C. Stop including globalmodules.zcml from zope.app.zcmlfiles

Opinions? FWIW, I vote for B.


Jim Fulton
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