In many buildouts I have a [test-all] section.  Just like [test], but then
with more eggs (typically all the dependencies).  That's too much work, so I'm
looking for a recipe to handle that for me.  My thoughts:

- Subclass zc.recipe.testrunner in a new recipe.

- Look for a [test] part in buildout and take the defaults there.

- Examine the eggs in test:eggs and look up their dependencies.

- Those dependencies, that's the new list of eggs that need testing.

- Just a [test-all] with the new recipe should be enough to test all main

Question: is there an existing recipe that does this?  Main point is that I
don't want to specify the dependencies that are to be tested by hand, so that
seems to rule out z3c.recipe.compattest.  But there's been so much talk about
testing everything in the last weeks that I thought it better to ask :-)


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