I think automagic things are evil.

Later if you realize that you don't need them you have to fight to get
rid of them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 4:19:30 PM, you wrote:

JWK> Adam GROSZER wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'd rather use a mailer stub for testing.
>> Like the one in zope.sendmail.tests.test_mailer.py
>> ...
>> class SMTP(object):
>> ...
>> Something like this can be setup for individual tests with
>>   <utility
>>       name="mailer-name"
>>       provides="zope.sendmail.interfaces.IMailer"
>>       factory="your.own.mailerFactory"
>>       />
>> def mailerFactory():
>>     mailer = SMTPMailer()
>>     mailer.smtp = SMTP
>>     return mailer 

JWK> Right, I see. However, what I meant to ask is if there is a way to have
JWK> the registration of such a stub to be more or less automagically done 
JWK> during test runs by the zope.sendmail package instead of having to think
JWK> about this over and over again in the packages directly or indirectly 
JWK> depending on it.

JWK> I *thought* to see a way of getting rid of global data in 
JWK> zope.testing.cleanup, and I wonder if we could think of a way to set up
JWK> global data in a similar manner

JWK> regards,
JWK> jw

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