Thomas Lotze wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> One question to ask is whether getParent and getParents are used all over
>> the place or just by zope.traversing. If they're only used by
>> zope.traversing we might not want to move them to a more general place,
>> but perhaps we can even see about removing them.
> getParent is used by a number of* packages (apidoc, container,
> dependable, onlinehelp, preference, rotterdam, pythonpage, workflow). Its
> only other occurrence is in zope.traversing where it is defined, but not
> used.
> getParents is used by* packages as well (rotterdam, tree,
> workflow) and definitions of it occur in zope.location and
> zope.traversing, where it isn't used either, though.
> Seeing this now, I agree to removing the functions provided nobody objects
> against removing parts of the API that might be depended on by client code
> out there. (Both functions are actually exported by zope.traversing.api.)

I think that means we can't remove it. I'd say move it.



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