Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 5:41 PM, Chris Withers <> wrote:
>> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> My only concern is that the above url is veeerrrryy slloooooww.
> If this URL timed out, it would be a problem.

It's certainly a lot slower than

>> even timed out for me fully :-(
> This URL shouldn't really be used, unless you're really curious and
> want to see all releases all the way back to 2.0.0. Rather, the URL
> for a series ( or for a specific
> release ( should
> be used.

Where are these linked from? How am I supposed to guess that will give me what I want?
Having easy access to the full set of Zope 2 releases (I still have 
customers happy on Zope 2.9.8) is pretty important...

>> What is edge? Will we always have these speed problems?
> Edge runs the in-development, aka what is it going to look like in one
> month from now, aka the next version of Launchpad and you shouldn't
> generally use it, unless you're part of the "Launchpad Beta Testers"
> team, in which case you get automatically redirected to it, or if you
> want to try out in-development features, or someone cut-and-pasted the
> URL and forgot to remove 'edge' from it. *wink*.

So, are the production systems faster?


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