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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> yuppie wrote:
>>> Hi Tres!
>>> Tres Seaver wrote:
>>>> I don't know what the purpose of the following checkin was:
>>>>   http://svn.zope.org/Zope/trunk/?rev=85827&view=rev
>>> See https://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2008-April/031691.html
>>>> but the tests all pass if I rip out the import, and Zope starts.  I
>>>> don't know what code in Zope2 expects the ZopeVocabularyRegistry to be
>>>> registered.  Can you remember what needed it?
>>> A wrong import in CMFCalendar did mask the problem, but I just fixed 
>>> that and now you can see some CMF tests failing if that import is 
>>> removed in Five.
>> Having tests fail becuase of a removed import-for-side-effects doesn't
>> give me a good feeling about the quality of the tests.
>> At any rate, if there is a real feature needed by Zope2 to function
>> correctly, then we should move it from zope.app.schema to zope.schema,
>> and make it possible to configure cleanly (instead of via side effects).
>> (Later)
>> OK, I have copied the ZopeVocabularyRegistry from
>> zope.app.schema.vocabulary into a new module, Products.Five.schema,
>> renaming it to Zope2VocabularyRegistry.  I arranged to get it installed
>> insside Five's initialize().
>> I updated the failing CMFDefault and CMFCalendar doctests to import and
>> install that registry in a new 'setUp', and clear it in 'tearDown'.
> Ugh, I have the sinking feeling that this fix needs to be backported to
> the 2.12 branch before we get to a release.  Andreas, it is a pretty
> small change, actually, and removes any dependency on zope.app.schema:
> can I merge it?

Under the "Silence is assent" principle, done.  I also backported the
"rip out Twisted integration" change.

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