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> Hi all, Is there any way to integrate Django frame work with Zope2 If 
> possible please tell a good book for installing and understanding cmf 
> plone in zope 2 Please help


I believe to integrate Django with a Zope2 application there are two 
approaches at least.

One is to do the integration at Model or Data Layer, which is the 
approach ContentMirror (CM) uses to integrate Plone (an application made 
with Zope) with Django or any other (agile) framework. There are Plone 
front ends using CM made with Django, Pylons, Repoze, Grok, GoogleAppengine.

If i'm not wrong, CM uses events and SQLAlchemy to replicate data from 
ZODB to a relational database, and then you connect your database with 
your favorite front end.

CM is very focused on Plone, but if you have any other application, I 
believe you could reuse some ideas at least.

More information about ContentMirror:
Project's page:

A PyCon talk by Carlos de la Guardia (slides + video):

Another approach is to use Deliverance. Using deliverance you'll be able 
to integrate your application at View or user interface layer. Basically 
the approach is to unify the skin of both applications and issues such 
as authentication. There are very interesting success stories such as 
Coactivate (, where Plone is integrated with 
wordpress, a php application.

More information about deliverance:

Project's page:

A blog post by Ian Bicking:

A pycon talk by Matt Hamilton:

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