Gary Poster wrote:

> You are leaving out the variants of 3 and 4 that allow calling the
> interface to support multiadaptation, but do not unify utilities.

True, my mistake. Lennart pointed that out too just now.

> My impression is that I am not the only one who is not pleased with
> the proposed unification of utilities and adaptation.

I've tried to analyze why that might be so elsewhere. There are three 
perspectives that I can see:

* everything registered is really a factory. Returning a utility just 
requires registering a special factory.

* everything registered is really an instance. Calling an adapter is 
just looking up an instance and then calling it.

* we have two kinds of things registered, instances and factories. 
zope.component does that today.

> My impression is that we are nearing consensus on the variation of 3
> that does not include utilities.

I could live with that, as long as we had a way to look up utilities on 
the interface too.



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