Benji York <> writes:

> On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 1:22 PM, Ross Patterson <> wrote:
>> I'm sorry, I was unclear, the try/finally clauses are not necessarily in
>> *test tearDown* methods (though I used that language), they are often a
>> part of the application being tested, such as closing the request,
>> closing DB connections, or aborting transactions.
> In those situations I just edit the code and put a "import
> pdb;pdb.set_trace()" at the top of the finally: block and re-run the
> test.
> It is an interesting idea to provide some way to make that automatic.
> Maybe a settrace hook that will invoke pdb at the top of every finally
> clause that is encountered, somewhat similar to the -D option.  You
> might end up getting way too many false positives though.
> Here's another idea: a testrunner option that takes a file name and line
> number and inserts a breakpoint at that position.  That way you can get
> the same effect as editing the code without actually having to do so.

Or maybe a combination of the two where a configuration file is read for
file and line numbers at which to do a post_mortem using a settrace hook
where if the first one of those is hit no further post_mortem's are


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