On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 5:33 PM, Godefroid Chapelle <got...@bubblenet.be> wrote:
> On 22/12/09 17:23, Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> I also made the required changes in all the other Zope Toolkit
>> packages to the new testing output, released new versions of them all
>> and updated the ZTK.
> This is a nice x-mas gift ! Thanks for the work. I had overlooked fixes
> needed in other packages.
> Is there a buildout you can point me at so that next time I get warned and
> do those fixes myself ?

We only have a buildbot testing the ZTK itself. The ZTK does not track
SVN trunk or "the latest release" of all its packages. Instead it
tracks a defined list of versions of these packages, which are known
to work together.

It's definition lives at svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/main/zopetoolkit/trunk

So if you want to be nice, you check and build out that location. Make
your changes to the package you are working on, stick it into that
buildout as a develop egg and run all tests for all packages via

If all tests for all packages pass, you can release a new version of
the package and update the ztk.cfg in the buildout to point to that

I frequently do that the other way around, where I first release new
versions of packages, then update the ztk.cfg locally. Run the tests
and if errors in other packages come up, fix those, make new releases
of those, and repeat the dance.

The important rule is, that the SVN trunk of the ztk.cfg will at all
times give a test-failure free configuration. But as a contributor to
an individual package, you are not required to care about the ZTK as a
whole. You can contribute to one of them, without all the overhead.
Other people like me have an interest in maintaining the ZTK and will
do so.

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