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yuppie wrote:
> Hi!
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 5:43 PM, yuppie <y.2...@wcm-solutions.de> wrote:
>>> Why not following the normal procedure? At some point in the past we
>>> decided to add formlib support to Zope 2. That's a commitment. We should
>>> not drop features just like that.
>> I think five.formlib is better served by being a separate distribution
>> that can evolve on its own, much like we do it with
>> five.localsitemanager. I don't understand this as dropping the
>> support, but as shifting the maintenance to a different group. Both
>> CMF and Plone use formlib today and have both come up with additions
>> and new features for it. I want those to go into five.formlib. Having
>> the code in Zope2 seems to prevented people from doing so.
>> On the other side many people in the Plone community have started
>> using z3c.form instead of formlib and it looks like all of Plone will
>> shift to that.
> Exactly. And I expect CMF will also switch to z3c.form.
>> Once that happens I don't want to have formlib to still
>> be there as a dependency of Zope2 for all eternity.
> Agreed. I did just argue against the fast removal Tres proposed.
> But five.formlib will only evolve for a short period. Soon it will 
> become a pure legacy package. Nothing we want to recommend for new 
> projects. And in the long run five.formlib and its non-ZTK dependencies 
> will become unmaintained.

That is why I want to get it out of the tree *before* 2.13:  anybody who
needs to use Zope2 but can't add an extra five.formlib egg should just
stay on 2.12 until they can.  Deprecations are not a cure for this:
folks will just defer the pain until the release cycle where things
actually disappear, and meanwhile the "core" maintenance is harder.

Splitting less-maintained code out into a searate distribution allows
for the "conservative" crew to keep using it, while not taxing the
mainstream (and the core developers) to support them.  Given that 2.13
is unlikely to be out before Q3 of 2010, how hard is it going to be for
folks to catch up, anyway?  Plone 4 will ship on top of 2.12, Plone 5 is
already a more radical break, and can easily accomodate the split (or
abandon formlib, whichever).

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