Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Let me sketch out some ideas for a plan:
> * we create a new project, zopeapp, with the same structure as the 
> zopetoolkit (sans documentation)

I've created such a project here, based on the zope.app* stuff that was 
in the ZTK.


> * we pull the zope.app.* packages from the ZTK and move them into zopeapp.

That's what I just did.

zopeapp currently relies on this ZTK branch:


which is effectively Hanno's version.

In retrospect I should have just gone for this right away instead of 
reverting stuff.

We haven't had a lot of attention from a lot of people in this 
discussion yet, so we'll give it a few more days (it being the holiday 
season). I propose we aim for going back to Hanno's trunk again sometime 
next week, depending on how the discussion proceeds.

> * we make sure we have a way to regularly run the zopeapp tests in 
> conjunction with the ZTK.

I have a link to the faassen-smaller branch from zopeapp, so it at least 
  can stay in sync. We need to hook this stuff in some buildbot and/or 
make sure someone checks it for breakage.

The rest of the plan still needs dates and stuff, and documentation 
written. That's mostly ZTK 1.0 release planning (with some backwards 
compatibility provisions)



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