Marius Gedminas wrote:
> Or we could put a sample zope.conf somewhere on the web (heck, in svn is
> fine, using those nice *checkout* urls we've already used for
> downloading buildout's or the Zope 2.12.2 versions.cfg).

Sphinx also supports the ability to insert a link to a file.
Maybe put the complete zope.conf as a link below the example 

> It'd be even better if there was a command I could run to generate an
> up-to-date default zope.conf, like mkzopeinstance does.  Is there one?

In my dreams, I wanted a (waves hands something like) buildout recipe 
that would:

- take a skeleton
- zip it up
- put that zipped data and some unpacking code into a single .py file

For me, the skeleton would be a zope2 buildout instance containing:
- bootstrap .py
- a minimal buildout.cfg
- some empty directories for logs, var, etc, etc

Sadly, that instancebuilder script/recipe is likely to remain a dream :-(

> Now the "using buildout" section of INSTALL.rst leaves the user to write
> one completely from scratch 

Anyone using that section of the docs should be happy doing that ;-)

> without any tool support or even a link to
> documentation, and I'd like to fix this in case I have to set up a Zope
> 2.x instance ever again ;-)

You know where the skeleton zope.conf lives though...


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