Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> To be honest the reason that recipe isn't mentioned there, is because
> Chris Withers worked on that section and didn't feel like it belongs
> there. And nobody else cared a great deal.

Exactly. That section is for people who are moving existing Zope 
instances to 2.12, and they already have zope.conf's...

> Note that plone.recipe.zope2instance is actually in the collective,
> has a bug tracker on Launchpad and is licensed under the ZPL 2.1. The
> namespace plone just signals "written by the Plone community".

...run away! ;-)

>> Do you think that's how it should be, or would you like to improve the
>> situation for Zope 2.13 (or even 2.12.3)?
> I actually don't care about that specific piece of documentation.
> There's hardly ever new users to Zope 2 that'd need it.

Agreed. I certainly don't want to encourage new users to Zope 2.

>> Do you think a command such as my suggested 'zopectl init' would be
>> convenient for both new and advanced users?
> zopectl init would be highly confusing. The "zopectl" script is
> usually associated with a particular Zope instance. That instance
> should have been created beforehand.



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