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> So, what's the way forward for existing Zope 3.4 (KGS) users?

I'm not one, so I really should shut up, but I won't. :)

> Rewrite our apps so we don't depend on anything in zope.app and switch
> to the ZTK?
> Band together and release a Zope 3.5 KGS, which would be a strict
> superset of the ZTK 1.0?

I think: Both of these. :)

A 3.5 KGS that includes all the 3.4 packages and has deprecation
warnings for the refactorings out of zope.app seems to me to be a
great help in this. Then the 3.4 users can switch to 3.5, fix all the
zope.app imports that are gone, and still have everything working.

You can then look at your code and see how much you use of zope.app
packages after such a refactoring. If that is "not much" then team up
with Martijn who wanted to make a smaller ZTK publisher, or look into
if you can use BFG's publisher. That's going to be more work, but I
suspect most 3.4 users would be able to use it and end up with a
smaller leaner app.

But....what do I know. I'm just guessing.

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