On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 13:45, Marius Gedminas <mar...@gedmin.as> wrote:
>> Obviously they
>> should also be reported upstream,
> The word "should" meaning they haven't been?

As far as I can tell, yes.

> What are the bugs?  The globs thing, and allowing mixed unicode + UTF-8
> output inside doctests?

Yes. And apparently also the Windows lineendings.

> I don't remember, exactly, I was just grepping the diffs for
> DocTestFailureException.  It's probably the bit that lets bin/test -c
> colorize things like diffs, and tracebacks in doctest failures.
> If that's the case, I'd truly hate to lose this feature, it helps me
> immensely.

OK, so that colorizing support could probably also be moved into stdlib.
If someone (ie you, you seem to be on top of the problems) get diffs
into the Python tracker then maybe we could get it into Python 2.7 and
3.2, which would be cool.

> How mechanical can such a transformation be?  Is it sufficient to
> replace
>  zope.testing.doctest.DocFileSuite('foo.txt', **kw)
> with
>  manuel.testing.TestSuite(manuel.doctest.Manuel(), 'foo.txt', **kw)

No idea, the Manuel experts need to answer that. :)

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