A few of us are playing with some caching tools, trying to get to a more 
sane and less monkey patch-laden approach than CacheFu 
(Products.CacheSetup), for use with Zope 2.12.

It is relatively easy to set response headers, e.g. in an 
IPubBeforeCommit event handler.

However, we also need to be able to intercept a request to send a 304 
response if the underlying object has not been modified.

CacheFu monkey patches ZPT rendering to avoid the actual rendering if a 
304 response is being sent, returning an empty string instead. I'd 
rather not have such patches, though, and anyway this only work with 
things rendered as ZPTs. It also doesn't avoid any pre-work that a view 
may do before rendering its template, if indeed it has one.

Another thought was to use IPubAfterTraversal, at which point we have 
the object to publish and security checks have been completed. However, 
ZPublisher.Publish goes straight from that into mapply().

Can anyone think of a good way to do this? Maybe we need to add some 
kind of condition around mapply(), e.g. to do not nothing if there's a 
304 response header, or some other marker?


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