Lennart Regebro wrote:
> zope.testing runs a lot of doctests. Lot's and lot's. In the Python 3
> branch I've moved them over to using stdlibs doctest. There was two
> bugs that are fixed in Zopes doctest that is not fixed in Pythons
> doctest. 

Are there open issues for these in the python bug tracker?
If not, could you please add them?

> I've added monkey-patches on import for them.


> There's no test for that one, so I didn't know about it.
> I think the problem with having a sperate doctest.py is evident in the
> fact that there has been bugs fixed for *years* but not moved
> upstream.

Yes, because people appear to prefer monkey patching or forking ;-)

> That will just leave less time between people getting warned and
> before it gets removed. I must say I find PendingDeprecationWarnings
> completely and utterly pointless.

I feel the same about deprecation warnings...


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