Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> It must be something small and simple I guess, but it is needles and 
> haystacks 
> for me at this point...

Since I could reproduce this failure with zopeapp, it must be a very 
recent change.

 From what I can see, zope.container and zope.publisher changed. 
zope.container appears to be a small change, but zope.publisher 3.12 has 
a larger refactoring, factoring out zope.login.

When I changed the ZTk back to zope.publisher 3.11 things worked again. 
Then I realized a better solution, which was to make zope.login a test 
dependency of zope.app.exception. After that its tests worked again. 
I'll go through the rest of zope.app.* to fix any other related breakages.

When we still tested zope.app.* in the ZTK the person making the change 
would have immediately noticed this problem. But I neglected to run the 
zopeapp tests when I made the change in ZTK faassen-smaller. Bad me.

And nobody else got warned either when making the change to the ZTK, as 
that ZTK didn't test the zope.app anymore. This reminds me of Jim's 
notion of an "extended test suite" for the ZTK, though I'm not sure 
whether that would have helped.



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