Hi Aaron 

> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] broken zope.publisher because of new 
> content types in zope.contenttype
> On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 5:17 AM, Roger <d...@projekt01.ch> wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > Since aaron added new mimetypes e.g. application/javascript, the 
> > _implicitResult method in zope.publisher.http.py (line 794) 
> is broken 
> > because the method checks for text/* content types if unicode is 
> > given:
> >
> >    def _implicitResult(self, body):
> >        encoding = getCharsetUsingRequest(self._request) or 'utf-8'
> >        content_type = self.getHeader('content-type')
> >
> >        if isinstance(body, unicode):
> >            try:
> >                if not content_type.startswith('text/'):
> >                    raise ValueError(
> >                        'Unicode results must have a text content 
> > type.')
> >            except AttributeError:
> >                    raise ValueError(
> >                        'Unicode results must have a text content 
> > type.')
> >
> I changed the mime-type for .js from application/x-javascript 
> to application/javascript.  Since I didn't change any text/* 
> mime-types, I'm not seeing how my change could be breaking 
> anything that wasn't already broken.  The tests for 
> zope.publisher run fine for me with my changes, anyway.  Can 
> you tell how to reproduce the breakage?
> > Sould we remove this basic content type check above?
> > Or enhance the check with the new added unicode valid content types 
> > like application/javascript.
> Since whatever code is breaking for you now probably was 
> breaking before (since it was passing in 
> application/x-javascript, which is also not a text/* type), 
> I'm inclined to think that your problem is at a higher level.

You are absolutly right. It's not your fault and I'm fine with your
changes. I also posted already a mail with more infos. Sorry about that!

I'm still confused because I can't find the changes which makes my
custom and the z3c.zrtresouce package break.

I think this is because of some missing zcml includes which are gone
during refactoring zope.app.* to zope.* packages.

Some refactoring left over a couple of configurations in the zope.app.*
package which are gone now in my setup and probably others project

I'm fine right now and fixed my custom package. Let me know if
someone else runs into the same problem and I can backport the
fix to the z3c.zrtresource package.

Roger Ineichen

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