Andreas Jung wrote:
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> Baiju M wrote:
>> Hi All, I am proposing to call "Zope 3 - the web frame work" as
>> "BlueBream".  The main use for name is documentation. But the
>> package named "bluebream" will not provide any part of framework
>> code by itself. All the framework code will be in "zope" and
>> "" namespaces.
> I associate blueberry bagels with cream cheese when reading the name
> "Bluebream". Sorry but this name is pointless and does not solve any issue
> - - it just introduces some more confusion.

I think if there are people interested in "the web development framework 
previously known as Zope 3" - and it seem that there is - we'll need to 
call it something. I think continuing to call it "Zope 3" is just 
confusing, given that we've factored the ZTK out of Zope 3, and we've 
spent ages saying that "Zope 3 is part of Zope 2" and "Zope 3 is part of 
Grok". That message was confusing before, and the history since is 
making it more confusing still.

Blue Bream is as arbitrary as anything. I think the fact that it has 
some connection to Zope is kind of cute. It's also relatively 
Google-friendly, and pretty easy to remember. There are worse names, 
even if it makes you think about bagels and cheese. ;)


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