Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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> Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
>> Am Montag 04 Januar 2010 23:10:05 schrieb Tres Seaver:
>>> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>>> Obviously I cannot *force* ZTK
>>>> maintainers to worry about this. Instead I'm appealing to your
>>>> self-interest. And of course the transition burden is shared and should
>>>> not fall solely or even predominantly on the ZTK maintainers.
>>> My self-interest?  Not really:  you are appealing to my altruism, in the
>>> fact that I care about the *broader* Zope community (broader than Zope2,
>>> Grok, Plone, or whatever.  Neither of my chosen platforms (Zope2, bfg)
>>> rely any longer on any of thsoe pacakages at all, which makes my direct
>>> interest in them exactly zero.
>> If the ZTK is decoupled from other users, e.g. from people who rely on 
>>, then they will simply not use it, or do a fork.
>> This way, ZTK users are lost, which also leads to a loss of supporters and 
>> developers and results in a shrinking interest in ZTK, whose primary goal 
>> was/is to be _the_ base for all other Zope-based applications.
> How is that any different from people who won't use the ZTK because they
> don't want to deal with any* baggage?

We were all together carrying the old* baggage for reasons of 
transitioning out of it. Then one of the party managed to transition out 
of it first. So without warning, they dropped the baggage and ran away 
as fast as they could. :)



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