Hi All,
       Thanks to all those who participated in this discussion so far.
I will try to make baby steps for the project.  So, for time being
I will focus on the getting started story (which is somewhat ready)
then documentation, a small website ( http://bluebream.zope.org )
and before 1.0 release, an upgradation path from Zope 3.4 KGS.

I am fine with calling the project as "Bream" for short, however "BlueBream"
will remain.  But all the framework specific packages will remain in
"zope" and "zope.app" namespaces.  May be we can think about "bream" as a
namespace in future.

I remember the days when I started contributing to Zope project.
Zope developers were eagerly started looking at the larger Python
community with cool technologies emerging out of it like
WSGI, egg, Paste and other web frameworks.  As a first step
for adoption, eggification of Zope 3 packages was in radar for many
contributors.  I am glad that I was able to accelerate the project
by creating a proposal:
To further accelerate the eggification of "zope.app" packages,
I implemented Jim Fulton's proposal:
(BTW, This is the greatest appraisal I ever received from a FOSS community)
With all the contributors effort, Zope 3 packages became more reusable
by other projects.  But the "Zope 3" users were at a loss, they
lost their main development discussion platform itself (zope3-dev list)
and there was no releases.  Then Stephan Richter created Zope 3.4 KGS,
that was a good move which helped the existense.

For a sucessfull web framework, few packages maintained by
people with different interest in not sufficient.  With "BlueBream"/"Bream",
I hope we will be able to bring together the "framework" developer community
again. I appreciate all your support for this project.

Baiju M
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