I'm preparing a new major releases for zope.sendmail, merging the
improvements and new features from the repoze.sendmail package. Here there
is a copy of the changelog:

- Removed dependency on ``zope.security``: the security support is optional,
  and only available if the ``zope.security`` package is available. This change
  is similar to the optional security support introduced in ``zope.component``
  3.8.0, and in fact it uses the same helpers.

- Sort by modification time the messages in zope.sendmail.maildir so earlier
  messages are sent before later messages during queue processing.

- Added the new parameter ``processorThread`` to the queuedDelivery ZCML
  directive: if False, the QueueProcessorThread is not started and thus an
  independent process must process the queue; it defaults to True for b/c.

- Provide a console script ``zope-sendmail`` which can be used to process the
  delivery queue in case processorThread is False. The console script can
  either process the messages in the queue once, or run in "daemon" mode.

The changes are quite intrusive, but fully backwards compatible.

If nobody objects, i will make the new release on Sunday, the 10th.

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