Martijn Faassen wrote:
> I am interested in creating sphinx-driven documentation for Zope Toolkit 
> packages. I'd like to maintain the documentation for a package (say, 
> zope.component) in that package, in a 'doc' directory.

I have a couple of packages that make good use of the my current 

I aim to support the build and release process in the docs, specifically 
building the docs and checking the ReST to go to PyPI:

I do this with the following buildout, the docs section is largely 
boilerplate that I copy from project to project changing only the one 
egg name:

I use Manuel for testing, wired in firstly to the package's

...and then I always have a file for testing the docs:

I routinely do development on Windows, Mac and Linux and all of the 
above work on all of them.



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