A couple of questions about zope.testing's --coverage option:

  1. When specifying the coverage output directory, I have to specify an 
absolute path:

./bin/test -s plone.caching --coverage="$(pwd)/coverage"


./bin/test -s plone.caching --coverage="coverage"

does not. Is this intentional? It took me ages to figure out this was 

  2. Is there anything that can read the coverage output files and 
present them with syntax highlighting and highlight problem areas? I 
know other tools (like Cobertura) have this. Is there a standard, or is 
it a custom format?

  3. I get coverage reporting for my tests (i.e. it lists coverage of 
the tests package). The PyPI page for zope.testing talks about ignoring 
tests, but that part of the doctest is not useful as documentation. Is 
this a bug or a feature or something I'm supposed to be specifying on 
the command line?

I'm using zope.testing-3.7.7, which is what comes with Zope 2.12.


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