On 12/30/2009 12:17 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> Marius Gedminas wrote:
>> So, what's the way forward for existing Zope 3.4 (KGS) users?
>> Rewrite our apps so we don't depend on anything in zope.app and switch
>> to the ZTK?
> That's not possible as far as I can see, as the Zope 3.4 KGS doesn't 
> support this. No zope.container yet, for instance, so no way to get rid 
> of zope.app.container. It's only possible to start such an app rewrite 
> once you're on the ZTK. (we don't know whether it's possible to complete 
> such a rewrite. we will have to see)
>> Band together and release a Zope 3.5 KGS, which would be a strict
>> superset of the ZTK 1.0?
>> Band together and release a ZopeApp 1.0 KGS which would be a strict
>> superset of the ZTK 1.0?  
> Yes. Possibly a Zope 3.5 KGS that extends that further, I'm not sure.
>> (In which case, why not call it Zope 3.5 KGS?)
> Because Grok can use the ZopeApp 1.0 KGS as well. So can Zope 2 users 
> who need to upgrade away from zope.app packages. (I think!)
>> Forget all this open-source sharing stuff and maintain our own separate
>> versions.cfg files with ad-hoc version mixes?
> I'm trying to remember this open source sharing stuff and avoid ad-hoc 
> version mixes where we can.
>> Personally, I'd prefer option 1 (if there were docs to tell me what to
>> do to get rid of zope.app, which is implausible) or option 2.
> I prefer option 3 (ZopeApp KGS), because there's a greater opportunity 
> for that old open source sharing thing. And also because it would help 
> us get rid of the somewhat confusing "Zope 3" terminology.

Hmm. Just because I've been lagging and do get some newcomer questions
here and there: is there an overview of what KGSs exist and what they


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