Christian Theune <c...@gocept.com> wrote:
> On 01/26/2010 09:32 AM, Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
>> I hear you and understand you.
> Thanks. :)
>> I'm not advertizing for an immediate and brainless action.
>> What I did this week end is simply to split the PAU from all the
>> components provided with it (well, most of it).
>> That was motivated by my current work and by the will to see the
>> dependencies become cleaner and the code shorter.
>> I understand that the momentum is not everything, but when I can
>> dedicate myself to a task, be motivated by it and paid for it, then, I
>> don't see any reasons to hold back ;-)
> Right. That's pretty much how I feel myself. ;)
>> In this case, I'll just wait for your feedbacks, zope devs, and we'll
>> take the time (obviously) to do the things correctly.
> I know that it's always nice to be able to immediately reap the fruits
> from your work and I hate it having to go with "about to be outdated"
> code with a project, but in the long run some patience will get us further.
> Thanks for understanding!
>> Let me know what you guys think, about what has to be done, when you can
> Something we need to sort out is keeping "open reviews" or "open
> proposals" on the radar.
> Can you please add a blueprint here:
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zopetoolkit/
> Also, can you add a proposal page to the documentation that points out
> what you already implemented and what you intend to achieve globally?

Just my quick 2 euro cents here:

As far as I can tell, what Souheil did so far is no architectural change, but a 
change like so many in the recent past where a zope.app.something package has 
been refactored into a zope.something package and keeping backwards 
compatibility in zope.app.something.

I'm not sure how this became looking way bigger than it is, except for the 
explicit requests for feedback by Souheil. He requested feedback, I guess, as 
might not yet be completely confident about making these changes and needs some 
support - I can fully understand that myself.


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