You could try the hurry.file package, by Martijn Faassen.
It will get you started with both a file item and a Trameline support.
If you use Grok and if you deploy using WSGI, then, I can also point
you toward gp.fileupload
it's a WSGI middleware that will do exactly what you want. it's much
easier to setup than trameline.
Visit #Grok for more details, if you need specific Grok help.

- Souheil

2010/2/5 Hannes <>:
> Hi Zopers,
> I want to get Tramline working, but I definitely need your help! The
> documentation on this is not complete at all....
> Maybe someone can give me some (more) complete stuff about:
> - Do I need to inherit from some Tramline class to use it? I saw
> something like TramlineBase...., but I couldn't find that class in the
> Tramline sources
> - a short step-by-step guide, starting with
>    (1) form submission
>    (2) how do I get the "remote file path"?
>    (3) how does it work with the two directories "repository" and
> "upload". Is this done automatically?
>    (4) how do I actually store the "file ID" in the ZODB? (I want to
> store the uploaded files on the filesystem, not inside ZODB)
> I already read the stuff about attTramline from Plone and the HurryFile
> documentation, but I didn't understood it.
> By the way, I'm working with Grok, but there was nobody who could help
> me....
> thanks a lot in advance.
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