Am 05.02.2010, 19:29 Uhr, schrieb Roberto Allende <>:

> Regarding DTML... i wonder if it dtml purpose doesn't overlap with
> tal/metal or even viewlets. If that's the case we wouldn't provide
> 'One-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it' and for non Dutch
> newbies  is kinda confusing because end up with situations like
> 'you've to learn it but you won't use in-real-projects'.

Yes, DTML does overlap with ZPT and subsequent stuff. I'm in total  
agreement about being able to hold up the ZMI as an example of how Zope  
follows it own best practices. As Tres says removing DTML entirely from  
the code base would bring little benefit at considerable cost. However, I  
assume that once major consumers of DTML such as the ZMI and ZSQL were  
migrated it might become easier to refactor code to make DTML optional in  

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