Hi everybody,

I've been talking to some people in the last weeks trying to figure out
how to build upon the good things Martijn brought to the developer
community over the last year but also avoiding the troubles he experienced.

For starters, I'd like to introduce real-time meetings that we can use
to organise ourselves better. I suggest those to happen on IRC.

Let's consider this as an experiment without too much overhead, so I'll
just start running those meetings through the month of March. I will be
on IRC and I'd be happy to talk to people about whatever they think
relevant for improving the developer community and/or Zope and I'd be
happy if some of you actually show up. I'll also create a summarized
report of the meeting and send that out to zope-dev so whatever happens
remains visible for the rest who could not attend.


    freenode, #zope
    weekly, every Tuesday in March on 3pm UTC
    *exactly* 30 minutes, guaranteed
    I will send the IRC log and a summary to zope-dev, maybe publish to
    wider audience.
    I will moderate the meeting (for now) and will walk us through the
    agenda and keep an eye on the clock.


To keep the meeting constructive and focused I will take the lead on
moderating what we discuss. Please send topics you'd like to talk about
to me by mail (c...@gocept.com) and I will compile an agenda. I'll do some
upfront prioritization and give a short period at the beginning of the
meeting for attendees to challenge topics they feel I mis-prioritized.

Time rules

The meeting will take exactly 30 minutes - after that I *will* wrap up
and create the summary. I'd like the meeting itself to focus on
organisational issues, not directly solving/discussing technical issues
or getting work done. As I want this to spur action, you're free (and
welcome!) to stay after the offical part and go into the topics further.


I know that I'll fill both a moderator role and have my own stakes in
the topics, so please bear with me if I'm struggling balancing that.


Christian Theune · c...@gocept.com
gocept gmbh & co. kg · forsterstraße 29 · 06112 halle (saale) · germany
http://gocept.com · tel +49 345 1229889 0 · fax +49 345 1229889 1
Zope and Plone consulting and development

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