here's my first shot at a summary of today's meeting. I found the
meeting itself very positive and energetic - thanks again to everyone
who joined.

If anyone knows another good place to announce this summary (we should
be more visible to the outside world!), please feel free to post them
(or link to them) somewhere and maybe tell me for the future.


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Weekly Zope developer meeting

This is the summary of the weekly Zope developer meeting which happened on
Tuesday, 2010-03-02 on #z...@irc.freenode.org from 3pm to 3:30pm (UTC).

The agenda for this meeting is available in the mailing list archives:

The IRC logs are located here:

Infrastructure - Test runners and nightly builds

The current state of nightly builds is a bit untidy. According to
http://docs.zope.org/zopetoolkit/process/buildbots.html there's four buildbot
installations with various scopes. The last two in this listing are currently

The visibility of the nightly test results is also not very good, except for
those buildbots running the Zope 2 tests whose results get aggregated and send
to the zope-dev mailinglist.

The goals we identified are:

- Get a volunteer who will oversee our buildbot installations. The job
  description would mainly include coordination efforts: ensuring consistent
  configuration, visibility, reporting and helping people to get nightly
  builds or contribute builders. mgedmin is pondering until next week whether
  he volunteers.

- We need to put down a list of projects (Zope 2, grok, BB, ZTK, ...),
  branches and platforms (64-bit!) which we want the nightly builds to be
  executed on/for. Alan Runyan offered supporting Windows builds.
  No action/responsibility was agreed upon for this.

- Christian Theune volunteered to consisely document instructions for how to
  run the ZTK tests.

ZTK - Open issues

Over the holidays and with Martijn leaving the steering group our velocity on
the ZTK got lost, so we need to get back on track here.

A quick survey showed that there is some usage of the ZTK "in the wild" already:
SchoolTool, Zope Corp, Launchpad/Landscape, Grok, and Zope 2 being ready to go
back to the ZTK with Zope 2.13 (if a ZTK release exists).

Our issues fall in to multiple categories (general government and process,
definition of goals, roadmap, release manager, and others). The discussion on
goals cooled down a bit, as the split between ZTK and zopeapp seems to have
been an acceptable step.

The biggest current goal is to get a release of the ZTK and zope.app. However,
we need to answer some questions first:

- What exactly is needed for a release?
- Who's the release manager?
- Can we ensure building Windows binaries?

On the question of a release manager it was pointed out that the ZF could
appoint the release manager (and maybe stipend it) although it's not clear
whether we really need the ZF authority or funding.

Zope 3.5

There will be no explicit Zope 3.5 release and BlueBream 1.0 is considered to
be the appropriate successor.

The work needed on BlueBream 1.0 is a release of the ZTK and a migration path
from Zope 3.4.

Post-poned and new issues

The following agenda items did not make it within the time limit:

- Bug tracking/working on bugs regularly

The following issues were raised newly:

- Chris McDonough suggests to ponder further structuring of the ZTK into
  separate sub-sets which might allow us to get better mileage regarding
  maintenance and release management. He gave the example of the "Bicycle
  Toolkit" (zope.component, zope.configuration, zope.interface).
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