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Chris Withers wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>>  Installing Zope
>> -===============
>> +---------------
>> -Unless using buildout to build a zope instance as described
>> -:ref:`below <buildout-instances>`, you will need to install Zope
>> -separately. If you want to create a buildout-based Zope instance,
>> -please skip directly to that section.
>> +The recommended way to install Zope is within a virtualized Python 
>> environment
>> +using ``virtualenv`` as follows::
> Really? I wouldn't recommend virtualenv...
> Myself, I find the buildout instance the easiest and lightest weight 
> method...
> By all means, document virtualenv as an option, but blessing it as "the 
> one true way" is a bit much...

Here's my rationale:

- - The docs are intended primarily for folks who want to install and
  run Zope, rather than hack on it.

- - zc.buildout is *super* heavyweight compared to virtualenv

- - zc.buildout creates an environment which is puzzling as hell for
  anybody who hasn't already drunk the koolaid ('parts'?  'eggs'?

- - virtualenv, or something damn near it, is likely to land in Python

- - Nearly anybody else in the Python world is more likely to be
  familiar with the virtualenv stuff than with buildout.

- - We have two alternate zc.buildout scenarios (install Zope + run
  mkzopeinstance vs. self-contained environment).  The first has no
  real advantage over the virtualenv one, except being able to
  run buildout to update the software (heaven help you if you forget
  to configure the index properly!).  The second leaves you without
  the annotated config file, a *major* faux pas.

I plan to merge that branch to the 2.12 branch and the trunk, assuming
no further objections.

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